Plan Your Journey

Joel has worked with the National Geographic Society and the magazine as a photographer for nearly two decades. During his time with National Geographic, his passion for conservation and wildlife has defined a lot of his work.

From the remote Amazon rainforests to the Arctic, Europe to the US and National Parks, he has focused on all endangered species and their natural habitats, and the importance of human responsibility, so that future generations are able to enjoy and continue conservation works.

Besides the work he has done for National Geographic, Joel has also completed assignments for Time, Life, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated and contributed to numerous book projects. His work has been the subject of several national broadcasts including National Geographic’s Explorer, the NBC Nightly News, CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 and an hour-long PBS Documentary.

His fascination in conservation of wildlife has drawn him to South Africa, to understand more about the incredible wildlife it has to offer and also to protect.

Once a derelict farm-land, Madikwe Game Reserve, has been transformed into becoming one of the most beautiful, sustainable and community-enriching projects in South Africa. The reserve is a joint venture between the state, and the private sector – with everyone reaping the benefits of the partnership.

The Game Reserve, situated just three hours drive from both Johannesburg and Pretoria, covers some 75,000 hectare of stunning landscape. Boasting all of the Big 5, the reserve is home to over 8000 animals and 3 villages – whose livelihoods are sustained by Reserve.

Rich in its diversity of vegetation, it ensures a wide range of topography and offers ideal game viewing opportunities, as well as a unique destination in South Africa filled with stories of optimism, pride and the knowledge that the work there is creating a better future not only for the local communities but also for the wildlife that they depend on.