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Jimmy is one of the most sought after and recognized adventure photographers and filmmakers working today. In the past decade, he has collaborated with some of the most progressive athletes and explorers in the world.

He is a National Geographic photographer and has received numerous awards for his work from PDN, Communication Arts, American Society of Magazine Editors and the Lowell Thomas Journalism Awards. As a director and cinematographer, Jimmy has shot for National Geographic, The North Face, Pirelli, Working Title, and RSA Films.

On the other side of the lens, Jimmy is one of the few people to climb and ski Mount Everest from the summit and has been profiled in National Geographic Magazine, Outside Magazine, People Magazine, Men's Journal and others.

Jimmy says “There are moments in creating photographs when everything falls away, you aren’t focused on trying only on experiencing. That is an amazing space to be in – when you are so involved and passionate the only thing guiding you is the pure intent to do something and do it well.”

In South Africa, Mpumalanga means “the place where the sun rises”, describing the region perfectly. Known for its beautiful sunrises and sunsets, Mpumalanga has long been the travellers dream. It lies in the east of South Africa, where the land rises towards mountain peaks and then terminates in an immense escarpment. People are drawn to Mpumalanga by the magnificent scenery, by the fauna and flora, and by the saga of the 1870s gold rush era and a wealth of fascinating tribal legends.

Mountains, panoramic passes, valleys, rivers, waterfalls and forests characterise the landscape. It is home to the world’s most famous game reserve Kruger National Park, the world's third-highest canyon, the world's oldest cave and some of the world's best private game lodges.

The entire Mpumalanga area offers exceptional opportunities for bird-watching, hiking, horse-riding and fishing. Streams once panned for gold have become the haunts of eager anglers and lazy trout. Steeped in the history of pioneers, hunters and fortune seekers, fascinating gold rush towns abound. Mpumalanga offers something for everyone.